New Video and new features

We have been working hard on some new features for this fall and are excited about everything we have lined up. We have had surge of professional PDR techs signup for DentMate as their choice for mobile PDR estimating and invoicing this year, and can’t wait to see you all at MTE  in January 2019.


We recently added a new video to our youtube channel explaining how to signup for a FREE trial for the DentMate PDR Mobile App. If you are interested in checking out DentMate for your hail, route, or retail PDR business, then check out this video for a quick walk through on how to get signed up.  If you want to skip the video and move right into signing  up for the trial, you can go to our website to get started.

We have a new feature that will be release by the end of October 2019 that will give you tool to help you further organize your estimates/invoices. This option is going to be great for running hail storms or organizing your routes.

DentMate at Mobile Tech Expo 2018

DentMate – The Simple Solution for mobile PDR estimates.

We had a great time at MTE 2018! We want to say thank you to all the dent repair professionals for stopping by the booth to talk with us. We are excited to have you take advantage of your free trial, and hope to have you as long term customers. If you want to signup for a free trial, go to and signup today!  You can visit us on facebook if you have any questions, or just want to follow our facebook feed.

Check out some of the photos from MTE 2018 below. #MTE2018

DentMate update 2.3.4 has been released.

New update 2.3.4 for Android and iOS. We have added the ability to apply the customer discount to PDR, R&I, or both. As always, we are trying to provide more flexibility to allow all the paintless dent professionals out there to write estimates how they want. If you haven’t tried DentMate 2.0, signup for a free trial at More info on our booth at MTE 2018 coming soon!


DentMate – The simple solution for mobile PDR estimates.

DentMate 2.0 is going live

DentMate 2.0 has been submitted to the appstore and will go live once the app is approved. We are excited to release this update, and are already working additional features. We hope to release a few more major features before the Mobile Tech Expo in January. PDR techs are going to love creating hail and retail dent estimates in the new DentMate 2.0 PDR mobile app.

We have a redesigned interface, the ability to create statements, the ability to add multiple retail dents to a single panel, capture digital signatures, and much more.

Signup for a free trial (no credit card required) at

DentMate 2.0 is ready for release!

DentMate 2.0 is ready for release, and should be up on the App Stores by the end of the week! We are very proud of the new features and overhauled interface of DentMate 2.0. Start managing all your PDR estimates & invoices by using DentMate 2.0 PDR Estimate Software.


New Features of the DenMate 2.0 PDR mobile app include:

  • Completely redesigned interface
  • New Accounting area for creating statements and billing management
  • Additional R&I parts have been added to the standard listings
  • Ability to add multiple retail dents to a single panel and a new retail dent pricing matrix
  • Improved contacts list that is synced across your entire company
  • Accept digital signatures from your customers right on your device
  • Improved splat diagrams
  • Many more ‘Add-ons’ for hail and retail dents to help increase the bottom-line of your estimates.
  • Added ability to add photos from your photo library
  • View all documents by Tech
  • Ability to add a credit card fee
  • Ability to select from pre-loaded hail matrices (State Farm, Nationwide, etc)
  • Setup the ‘Send’ function to use the native email application on your device
  • And more…

We are excited about DentMate 2.0 and have additional features that will be coming out before MTE. Please watch this video overview of 2.0 so that you have an idea of what the new update is going to look like.


DentMate 2.0 is at 94% completion

We just wanted to post a quick update that DentMate 2.0 is at 94% completion, and that we are working hard to get it into your hands.


DentMate 2.0 will have  a completely new interface, the ability to create statements, and additional accounting features.

We will keep you updated as we get closer to release. In the meantime, you can check us  out on the web at:

And on facebook:


DentMate 2.0 is coming!

DentMate 2.0 is coming! The DentMate developers have been working hard on DentMate 2.0 to bring new features and a better interface to all our customers. DentMate 2.0 will have:
– A revamped interface that gives you more control over your estimates
– The ability to create statements
– The ability to add multiple large dents to a single panel
– More addons so that you can maximize the bottomline on your estimates
– Better tools for accouting and tracking who owes you money
– Improved matrix for large dents that allows you to create a custom matrix for large dents. (Priced per inch)
– Additional insurance matrices for hail for companys like StateFarm and Progressive
– Improved handling of wholesale/walk-the-lot estimates
– Digital customer signatures, right from your phone
– Improved splate diagrams for panel selection
– Improved contacts list that syncs company wide
– Ability to export the emails addresses for all your contacts so that you can send out promotional emails to your customers

All these improvements and more coming with DentMate 2.0. Retail shops have been loving our product, and we can’t wait to get DentMate 2.0 into their hands.

We wanted to get this update out sooner, but we want to make sure its the best it can be before we release it.

Stay tuned for more updates on new features and release dates!

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