New Tagging Feature added to DentMate PDR Estimating Mobile App

We recently added a new feature to the DentMate PDR Mobile App that will be very useful to mobile hail and route techs. The feature we added is called ‘tagging’, and it works just like hash tags on twitter. You create a ‘tag’ and apply to a group of estimates, and then later retrieve or search for those estimates using that tag.  Sound confusing? Let us give you an example.

Let’s say you are working a hail storm in Colorado in the spring of 2018. You could create a tag called “Colorado Spring 2018”, and  if you tag every estimate you create with that tag, you later pull up all estimates with that tag in a single click. This is a great way to view all the estimates/invoices related to a particular event.


You can also use this for more than just hail storm events.  You could can use tags for anything that you would like to use for searching or grouping documents. For example, maybe you are a mobile tech that rents a bay from a body shop called “Mikes Auto Body”, and you want to track all the estimates/invoices you create while working from that bay. You could create a tag called “Mike’s Auto Body” and it apply it to every estimate you write from that shop. Then at a late date you could retrieve every document you created while working in the bay at “Mikes Auto Body” with a single click.

Tags are very flexible and while we feel this is truly great for traveling hail techs, you can use them in any way that you want. You could also use this feature to ‘tag’ your customers as walk-in, referral, etc.

Paint and Body repairs added! Plus other new features!

We have added a few new features to the DentMate PDR mobile app with the release of version 2.5.10. We are always working to bring new tools and features that are useful to paintless dent repair professionals. DentMate wants to be the best PDR tool in your pocket!

We have added a few new addons:

  • Fabricated Access
  • Buff/Polish
  • Touch Up Paint



We also added the ability to price your whole estimates per panel or per vehicle.


We added the ability to have multiple contacts within a single company or contact


We have added the ability to add paint, body, blend, and refinishing time. (You complete this from the R&I screen for a given panel.)


DentMate at Mobile Tech Expo 2018

DentMate – The Simple Solution for mobile PDR estimates.

We had a great time at MTE 2018! We want to say thank you to all the dent repair professionals for stopping by the booth to talk with us. We are excited to have you take advantage of your free trial, and hope to have you as long term customers. If you want to signup for a free trial, go to and signup today!  You can visit us on facebook if you have any questions, or just want to follow our facebook feed.

Check out some of the photos from MTE 2018 below. #MTE2018

DentMate 2.0 is ready for release!

DentMate 2.0 is ready for release, and should be up on the App Stores by the end of the week! We are very proud of the new features and overhauled interface of DentMate 2.0. Start managing all your PDR estimates & invoices by using DentMate 2.0 PDR Estimate Software.


New Features of the DenMate 2.0 PDR mobile app include:

  • Completely redesigned interface
  • New Accounting area for creating statements and billing management
  • Additional R&I parts have been added to the standard listings
  • Ability to add multiple retail dents to a single panel and a new retail dent pricing matrix
  • Improved contacts list that is synced across your entire company
  • Accept digital signatures from your customers right on your device
  • Improved splat diagrams
  • Many more ‘Add-ons’ for hail and retail dents to help increase the bottom-line of your estimates.
  • Added ability to add photos from your photo library
  • View all documents by Tech
  • Ability to add a credit card fee
  • Ability to select from pre-loaded hail matrices (State Farm, Nationwide, etc)
  • Setup the ‘Send’ function to use the native email application on your device
  • And more…

We are excited about DentMate 2.0 and have additional features that will be coming out before MTE. Please watch this video overview of 2.0 so that you have an idea of what the new update is going to look like.